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MAATI GHAR is a socially responsible organisation working to preserve & promote traditional paintings and empower traditional artisans of Jharkhand through its for-profit and not-for-profit arms.

It is a home to breathtakingly beautiful authentic traditional paintings of Jharkhand (INDIA) and related products communicating the message of peace and harmony between Humans and Nature.

At the time, when the world is talking about Nature Conservation, traditional paintings of Jharkhand have a lot to teach us as these are inspired by nature, made up of natural materials and communicate the nature’s message of peace and harmony. MAATI GHAR is our sincere effort to preserve and promote these immensely important icons of our cultural heritage.


MAATI GHAR came across as a vision in 2015 after knowing the deteriorating conditions of these art forms and their artisans. Since then, we have been trying to improve the lives of traditional artisans by promoting their work and providing then market linkages. We have also been teaching these to needy and most importantly to our coming generation.

All our products are being made by traditional rural artisans and rural women of Jharkhand using natural/earth pigments; thus, keeping the originality of paintings alive.

When you buy from MAATI GHAR, you help rural and needy people earn their livelihood and help preserve endangered art forms.

It’s currently involved in marketing & selling of the following products:

  • Sohrai paintings & related products
  • Khovar paintings & related products
  • Paitkar paintings & related products
  • Jadopatia paintings & related products

The products are sold via various channels both online and offline.


To preserve and promote traditional paintings (Sohrai, Khovar, Paitkar & Jadopatia) and empower traditional artisans of Jharkhand.


We believe that there is an inseparable bond between man and nature. Mother Nature has blessed humankind with her bounty and there is a place in creation for all creatures. Nature’s equilibrium should in no way get disturbed by our selfish desires and thoughtless actions. We believe in creating a community of socially and environmentally responsible people.

Tribal lifestyle is a reflection of the same and their paintings beautifully convey this message. Various themes such as wildlife, tribal lifestyle, festivals and rituals remind us of how we are a part of nature and should work towards maintaining the balance. The need of time is to urgently preserve & promote these art forms as they have the power to inspire people towards nature conservation and not to forget the employment opportunities it will generate for the masses.


Virendra Kumar is a graduate in Industrial Engineering & Management from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra where he also served as Student President of Entrepreneurship Development Cell. He also obtained a Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Management from Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad. Prior to the founding this organisation, he was working as a Business Analyst in an MNC, his passion towards social entrepreneurship made him quit his job.